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Corporate Wellness Programs

Over the years companies have become more engulfed in technology leading to a larger amount of sedentary employees.  Employees are more in-tune with their need to be fit more now than ever. Employees are taking notice as well. Increased insurance premiums due to obesity related disease are among the many obstacles employees and employers face.

Fitucate and the corporate wellness program goes beyond the “eat your veggies” approach. It turns corporate wellness onto its side with innovative team building workouts, competitions, and nutritional programming. This system gives all fitness levels access to the tools they need to improve their overall health and wellness.

Studies have shown that companies who regularly engage their employees in physical activity, proper nutrition choices, and other wellness programs will see an increase in productivity. With less absenteeism and long term employment with the company it will reduce the turn over. Also it has shown it can reduce insurance premiums and contribute to overall employee satisfaction. 

Fitucate programs range from a two hour seminar with the entire staff to working one on one with all employees.  Each option offers onsite training, meal planning services, weekly check-ins with a health coach, and materials to help you with long term lifestyle changes.  We can customize a program that fits the needs of any company from two to 200 employees.  We vow to make the fitness and nutrition world exciting again! We will get people moving and make them feel great about themselves again!

Show your employees you’re passionate about them.  This program will help boost morale and overall productivity for your organization!

We have partnered with the office chair body shaper to bring the ease of movement to all corporate settings

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