Saturday, September 11th we will host our first annual FIT GAMES! This is open to any member or non-member to participate. Registration closes September 7th. Awards for top performers in each division, gift with registration and refreshments. 


1. Bench Press 1RM

2. Max Reps Pull-ups

3. Max Deadlift Reps at Bodyweight

4. 1 Mile Run

*Official rules for each division will be announced soon. There will be scalable options. 


use promo code: Youth Registration when registering children under 15

Men, Women, & Youth Divisions

Fit Games

  • Bench Press:

    Athletes will get 3 judged attempts at a 1-Rep Max on Bench Press

    -Athletes can perform warmup reps and heavy attempts without a judge present, but athletes MUST have a judge present for their lift to count.

    -Once the athlete is ready for their attempt, the lift will start when spotters unrack the bar and then athletes will wait until the judge's "down" cue to lower the bar.

    -Bar must touch the chest (athletes can touch and go and do not need to wait for an "up" cue).

    -Feet must remain on the ground and butt must remain on the bench through the entirety of the lift.

    -Athletes must lock out their arms and control the weight and may rack the barbell only after the judge says "rack."

    -If an athlete fails the lift they may try a lower weight, try the same weight, or increase weight, but will only have three total judged attempts. Additional attempts will only be rewarded if there is a spotter error.



    Athletes will have one judged attempt at max rep pull-ups

    -Athletes must start in a dead hang position (no jumping up to the bar and using momentum to start a kipping swing).

    -Kipping and butterfly pull-ups ARE allowed.

    -Pull-ups are acceptable as long as arms are fully extended at the bottom of the pull-up and chin is above the bar at the top.

    -Judges will count good reps out loud (athletes can be no-repped but can still continue attempts as long as they don't drop from the bar).

    -The attempt is finished once the athlete drops from the bar or if their foot touches the ground or sides of rig to steady themselves.

    -If an athlete can not perform a pull-up, they will do 1 timed dead hang.

    *For scoring purposes, 1 pull-up will rank above any length of time for dead hang.



    Athletes will perform one judged attempt at max reps of deadlift at their bodyweight

    -Athletes must weigh-in before their attempt and the bar will be loaded accordingly (1 x Bodyweight for men, .75 x Bodyweight for women, and .5 x Bodyweight for youth (17 years old or younger). We will round to the nearest 5 for bar weight.

    -Athletes will perform deadlifts with both hands on the bar at all times from the ground and must extend hips fully to complete the rep.

    -Judges will count good reps out loud. A rep is considered good once the athlete has hips fully extended at the top of the lift (athletes can be no-repped but can still continue attempts as long as they don't let go of the bar).

    -The attempt is finished once the athlete lets go of the bar with one or both hands or rests with the barbell on the floor for more than 2 seconds (athletes can rest in the locked out position as long as they want).


    1-Mile Run:

    Athletes will perform one timed attempt on a 1-mile run

    -Athletes will wait until the judge says "go" and follow the marked 1-mile loop.

    -A judge will be placed at the halfway mark to make sure no one cuts their run short.

    -The attempt is over once the athlete's whole body crosses the marked finish line.