Fitucate is dedicated to educating athletes & their parents on the importance of proper nutrition. Going beyond the age old “eat your veggies” and breaking it down for an easy to follow plan. We will show you how to properly balance your child’s plate for the demands of their specific sport & lifestyle.  Let us take the guess work out of your child’s specific fuel needs and watch them excel to the next level!

Youth athletes perform at incredible speeds. They are pushed through numerous workouts that demand a lot out of their growing bodies. Competitive athletes as children usually become athletic adults some even go on to perform their sport professionally. The competitive edge you can give your child by fueling them right is unmatched. Until they are refueling properly, they are not reaching their maximum potential.

We will tie this all together with sports specific strength & conditioning, mobility and most important, injury prevention to keep your athlete in the game for years to come.  Strength & conditioning improves a child’s self-esteem, self-confidence, mental discipline, performance, and coordination. Studies show strength training may prevent injury from occurring during the sports season. Since kids are at risk of repetitive injury and physical overuse, body strengthening and education, i.e., how to land from a jump or a rebound or to properly cut on the field can prevent injuries during and after game time. It also gives children a basic level of fitness by using a wide range of exercises to promote flexibility and coordination, decreasing the number of injuries.